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Read each Praise and say "Praise Jesus Christ"

226.  God would grant what I hope for. Job 6:8

227.  Surely God does not reject the one who is blameless. Job 8:20

228.  God whose wisdom is profound. Job 9:4

229.  God shakes the earth from its place. Job 9:6

230.  God speaks to the sun and it does not shine. Job 9:7

231.  God alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea. Job 9:8

232.  God is the Maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations. Job 9:9

233.  God your hands shaped me and made me. Job 10:8

234.  God, you molded me like clay. Job 10:9

235.  God, you gave me life and showed me kindness. Job 10:12

236.  The life of every creature and the breath of all mankind is in your hand. Job 12:10

237.  To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding. Job 12:13

238.  Though God slays me, yet will I hope in Him. Job 13:15

239.  I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end, He will stand on the earth. Job 19:25

240.  When God has tested me, I will come forth as gold. Job 23:10

241.  The breath of God is in my nostrils. Job 27:3

242.  The fear of the LORD is wisdom. Job 28:28

243.  The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life. Job 33:4

244.  God is mighty. Job 36:5

245.  God does not take His eyes off the righteous. Job 36:7

246.  God is exalted in His power. Job 36:22

247.  How great is God beyond our understanding? Job 36:26

248.  God unleashes His lightning beneath heavenJob 37:3

249.  The breath of God produces ice and the broad waters become frozen. Job 37:10

250.  God comes in awesome majesty. Job 37:22

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