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Read each Praise and say "Praise Jesus Christ"

76.  Fear the LORD our God and serve Him. Deu 10:20

77.  The LORD will drive out all these nations before us. Deu 11:23

78.  The LORD our God has blessed us. Deu 12:7

79.  The LORD our God may bless us. Deu 14:29

80.  The LORD our God will bless us in all our harvest. Deu 16:15

81.  The LORD our God will set us high above all the nations on earth. Deu 28:1

82.  The LORD our God will bless us in the land He is giving us. Deu 28:8

83.  The LORD will establish us as His holy people. Deu 28:9

84.  The LORD will grant us abundant prosperity. Deu 28:11

85.  The LORD will make me the head, not the tail. Deu 28:13

86.  The LORD our God will put all the curses on our enemies. Deu 30:7

87.  The LORD Himself goes before us and will be with us. Deu 31:8

88.  The LORD who appeared in a pillar of cloud. Deu 31:15

89.  Praise the greatness of our God. Deu 32:3

90.  The LORD our faithful God. Deu 32:4

91.  The Most High gave the nations our inheritance. Deu 32:8

92.  The LORD shielded us and cared for us. Deu 32:10

93.  The LORD guarded us as the apple of His eye. Deu 32:10

94.  The God of Jeshurun. Deu 33:26

95.  The eternal God is our refuge. Deu 33:27

96.  The LORD is our shield and helper and our glorious sword. Deu 33:29

97.  The LORD our God will be with us wherever we go. Jos 1:9

98.  The LORD of all the earth. Jos 3:13

99.  The hand of the LORD is powerful. Jos 4:24

100. The LORD is a holy God; He is a jealous God. Jos 24:19

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